It’s Elementary

Just a few selections from Aaron’s life with five to ten-year-olds:


Scenario A:  Answers

Aaron: Can anyone tell me what instrument we hear in Camille Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals?

Child: Yes. My mom is getting glasses on Friday.


Scenario B:  What “Mr. Lohmeyer” Sounds Like When You’re Five

August, 2010

Mrs. Walmart

January, 2011

Mrs. Walmars

Present, 2011

Aaron reports that while “Walmars” has been reduced to its singular, most kindergartners still struggle with the “Mr.”


Scenario C: Sixth-Grade Assignment–Write a Bumper Sticker about Turtles

(Results may vary and frighten.)

Save the turtles!

Help endangered species.

Frienship shold last forever.

Turtles need us.

Don’t lie to me. Or you will get backslapped boy.


Scenario D: Mozart Lives and Is Caught Stealing the Stuffing from Santa’s Belly



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