The Valentine’s Same-Day Hangover

When affable Matt doesn’t write to tell you whether you have the job, when an undisclosed fitness instructor boss with an undisclosed anti-waistline says “gotta jet” while you are trying to sound as confident as a steroid about your first routine tomorrow, when your three-page paper on ethics is due today and not Wednesday, when you are writing papers on ethics at 30 yrs. old, when your dog makes your baby cry, when you slip on the ice and hold up traffic in front of the grocery store, when your husband plays the saxophone with theater-types until 9pm on February 14th, you

put the baby in the crib with an open window and take a bath in the middle of Valentine’s Day.

Look at that baby.

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3 responses to “The Valentine’s Same-Day Hangover

  1. Megan

    Consider this a big hug. Sounds about as tragic as mine. Happy Valentine’s Day to my Alaskan peeps. I love you!

  2. thirtyminusone

    Little worse than a tragic Valentine’s. Hug you back, M.

  3. Kelsey

    Oh I wish your Feb 14th hadn’t been so sucky. I hope all goes well tomorrow!

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