DE Dt ³ h / 4 p

I do like Physics, but only if I’m permitted to dismiss the numbers and equations and instead, understand it in terms of people and experience. For instance, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is my favorite: when acting together, things like position and momentum cannot be understood independently with a high degree of precision or certainty. So, you might understand where you are, but if you’ve got that down, you’re likely not fully considering how long you will be there (a good thing, maybe). Likewise, when we’re thinking about where we’ve come, where we’re going, and how fast or slow we’ll get from one to the other, we’re unable to fully recognize our current position. Present tense is lost in the shuffle between the past and future. Brilliantly done, Werner!

Relatedly, the more implausible an idea appears to be, the more likely I am to believe it. When we were car-shopping, a salesman made small talk by looking at Clara’s teeth and offering, “You know, a baby teethes earlier if the mother ate a lot of apples when she was pregnant.” Oh, really? Well, I did eat a lot of apples, so, yeah, that makes sense.

And, so, last night I felt certain that this blanket I wanted to lay out to dry in 20 degrees would not actually freeze. (Not for me. I’m different!) But sometimes, numbers matter. Sometimes, the implausible is exactly that, and water does freeze as 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Here is my blanket, after trying and failing to dry while resting on our front-porch railing:

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