To infinity and beyond!

Having now lived on planet Earth for 31 years, I know it is time to turn in my old cape and tights and wish for a new superpower.

At 18, I wished to eat as much frozen yogurt topped with maple walnuts as I wanted without gaining a lick of the Freshman 15. At 20, to feel the exact way about everyone else as they felt about me (unrequited love is the pits: cough, Aaron Lohmeyer, cough, cough; fortunately, there was a superpower override, and soon, certain important persons would feel the same way about me as I felt about them.)  At 25, to literally have hands with minds of their own so I could tell them to do one thing while I thought about something else. Now, perhaps to not need sleep? To be able to adjust my own spine?

In my homemade birthday card form Aaron

, he said, “[Sweet thing sweet thing sweet thing sweet thing]. To the woman wise enough to possibly have just about everything she ever wanted. [Loving thing loving thing loving thing loving thing].”

At first, I thought, Hmm, well, you’re a sizable part of what I have/want, so birthday card for both of us! But, Aaron will think about scales and chord changes all day long and still manage to know things about people. So, I listen to his birthday cards, and think, that’s it–that’s the thirties’ superpower: to know where I want to be, and in the case of a superpower surplus, to know how to get there.

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