What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Like a lot of families in the 80’s, Mom, Dad, Sam, and I used to pass around the newspaper comics and Dad would ask us all, “Do you get it? Do you get it?” and we’d smile and nod, and he’d ask us what was funny about it and we’d say, “Umm, because Calvin is being mean to Hobbes?” and he’d shake his head in mock–it was mock, right?–disapproval.   I remember one game in the comic section that lined up two apparent facsimiles, but you had to figure out what five or six things were different between the two. This was always easier to do than understand humor.

In one of the pictures below (heck, maybe in both–I’m pretty confused these days about what qualifies as good parenting: to say no or to not say no? to always comfort the crying baby, even if it means I’m up every hour of the night? to insist on a high chair at all times?), I’d say you can spot at least three instances of parenting gone amiss.

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4 responses to “What’s Wrong with this Picture?

  1. I see zero. Clearly, I am not a parent.

    • Sherry

      🙂 Yes, I suppose the appropriate use of outerwear is always relative. We forgot her mittens, walked the trail for at least twenty minutes before realizing her hat was over her eyes, and dressed her in too-short pants so Aaron had to hold his hands around her exposed ankles. Glad the pictures don’t scream neglect:)

  2. Grandma Leverett

    Both pictures say it all. It takes along time for children to realize their parents to know what is best. When they do, it makes it all worth while.

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