It started innocently with a newspaper. Aaron was reading about Libya, then basketball, then Doonesbury, and finally, the real estate section.  Some house somewhere in Alaska had a kitchen the size of our cabin, and there was a yearning–I would like to, someday, live in place where I don’t feel like I’m constantly losing a game of bumper cars with the walls.

Soon after, we made the cruel mistake of looking up real estate in Tallahassee and assessed that our house would probably go for about $35,000 if it was on the market now, and that despite our sometimes nasty case of exceptionalism, we, too, will likely not be leaving the first decade of the 2000’s with a down payment for our next house.

So, we did what all reasonable couples would do in this situation and decided that instead of a nightcap of wine, we could drink hot tea; I could keep my nice shampoo if I promised to wash my hair every other day; and, we would nix our home internet connection and use the library’s instead.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it’s kind of fun to juggle numbers and see who can win the “what can you live without” contest. Feeling zestfully frugal, we took a free hike with the family and found a cute little rustic cabin on the lake where we plan to take our first vacation of the year sometime around A-Loh’s birthday.  And, only vacations that involve toilets are considered expendable luxuries. Here are some pictures from our sojourn:

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2 responses to “Rusticity

  1. I’ve clearly not been away long enough. I see a cabin that I’d love to live in. At the same time, the reality of no flush toilet would probably hit me pretty hard

  2. Sherry

    Hi, Rachael! I just figured out it was you! I love your Bath blog–so you’re overseas? Jeeaalloouuusss.

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