Wrestling Isn’t Real

One of our mating rituals is to read the newspaper in the morning together with coffee and whatever egg deliciousness Aaron has scrambled. At this point, Aaron has usually been up for an hour and I’ve been up for thirty seconds, so I usually concentrate on the brown caramel color of my coffee while Aaron lets me know that another unsuspecting hiker or skier was rescued outside our old stomping grounds, Moose Pass, in Avalanche Alley.

After reading the opinion section and the comic Tundra, Aaron turns to the sports section to read about basketball. No, not really.

But, first. I used to catch Aaron watching daytime television while he practiced his saxophone and we’d try to guess if Maury’s DNA tests would confirm that Patrick was actually Mikey’s father. I believed him that daytime television was easy to leave and come back to as a certain candidate for the M.M. in Saxophone Performance practiced contemporary masterpieces written for the soprano saxophone, like some piece of music that cost us fifty bucks called “Distance Within Me.”

I used to believe him until he started to surreptitiously read the sports section while I put cream cheese and then strawberry jam–so good!–on my wheat toast.

There’s a little something special located in the middle of page three of the sports section that’s neither a hockey nor a NCAA basketball tournament recap. It’s about life. It’s about hardship, relationships, estranged family, video-game playing boyfriends, noisy dogs, unruly children, slutty best friends, spiteful co-workers; it’s Dear Amy.

This morning, I asked how Amy was handling today’s problem, and Aaron tells me that sometimes Amy’s a bit hard on the writer.

I started: “It’s probably how those things . . .”

At the same time, Aaron has: “Well, you know why.”

“No, why?”

“Because otherwise they wouldn’t listen. It’s hard to get through to people sometimes, you know?”

Aw, he thinks it’s real.

Maybe it is. I don’t know. I sort of think Amy makes it all up and plays good-cop/bad-cop with herself because that’s what readers want. But, Aaron believes, and I love this about him.


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2 responses to “Wrestling Isn’t Real

  1. Sherry

    Ooooh, I kind of like her. Sassy!
    Thanks for the tip, Kristi.

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