A Room of Their Own



“Each of us carries a room within ourselves, waiting to be furnished and peopled, and if you listen closely, you may need to silence everything in your own room, you can hear the sounds of that other room inside your head . . . You can hope that you have found yourself among large-hearted people, passion is a beautiful thing, and so is understanding, the coming to understand something, which is a passion, which is a journey, too.”

In America, Susan Sontag

Here are some excerpts from our room:

April 11 042

Some babies like pacifiers, some lovies, some their own socks.

April 11 039

It makes me feel good inside.

April 11 035

After a day hike together, Dad and Clara came home with a lot of inside jokes.

“Hey, Dad! Remember how funny moose poop is. That was great!”

April 11 032

Some kind of beautiful.

April 11 013

Burgeoning rock star.

April 11 009

Listening to some cool jams on the Late Night Seventies station, Aaron gets Clara moving to “Papa was a Rolling Stone.”

April 11 008

Monkey belly.

April 11 004

An exhausting day at the laundromat. I’m sorry if Clara accidently called you.

April 11 001

Exactly what it looks like: Get me out of here!


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2 responses to “A Room of Their Own

  1. Aunt Samantha

    Your blog looks great with photos added to it!

  2. Sherry

    Yeah, thought you’d like that:) I figured out how to get everything totally written offline at home and all I have to do is hijack some grocery store wireless and upload it.

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