All Four Seasons

For some mothers, it’s acid-reflux; for others, maybe it’s separation anxiety; for me, it’s teething. Since Clara was two-months old, every time she cries and I don’t why, it’s because she’s teething. But now, as big fat canine and molar-sized teeth make their bloody entrance, I think I might be onto something. Last week, with a bunch of teeth punching to get through her gums, Clara reminded us that a calendar year’s worth of seasons can happen in just one night.

Here, we have fall. There’s a slight chill settling in, but optimists, like mothers, are trying to believe that winter is still a ways off, maybe even avoidable if they keep smiling. It is also around this time that certain mothers postpone basic acts of cosmetic self-improvement, like haircuts.

April 11 007

We may as well call this one below November 29, Any Year of Your Choice. Thanksgiving is probably over, it’s holding steady below freezing, and even with Christmas a month away, we have the vague sensation it’s only going to get colder.

April 11 010

Which brings us to Winter Solstice, a sad and hopeless time for some, but also a time to look desperately into the eyes of the god of snow and ice, and maybe even your mother, and plead for the return of warmth and sunshine.

April 11 011

Spring never fails and with it comes a colorful assortment of circular, triangular, and parallelogramular objects that one may either chew on or plant in rectangular boxes.

April 11 013

Finally, summer is for fun with people named Dad.  Though Winter Solstice is only 13 minutes passed, it is but a faint memory as patient, gentle fathers everywhere teach their children how to play.


April 11 015

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