Scenes from Easter Weekend

April 11 001

We took a hike with Clara and the dogs along the Russian River. It was a tepid 50 degrees but still windy, hence the bundled Crunch and Munch.

April 11 006

We’re on our way out for the Good Friday service and both a little tired.

April 11 020

Clara’s getting a good tickling in her Easter dress by her favorite fifth grader, Emily Pieh. 

April 11 031

Emily and Josh Pieh are helping Clara master the art of walking.

April 11 033

Clara and Bekah Pieh are talking about how delicious the bacon and mushroom egg strata was for the Easter Sunday breakfast. I heard them.

April 11 036


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3 responses to “Scenes from Easter Weekend

  1. Grandma Leverett

    What a great looking family. Clara was beautiful in her pink dress. Counting days down to your visit to Florida.

  2. Aunt Samantha

    Thank you Emily and Josh Pieh for encouraging Clara to walk! 31 days to go before her big debut!! You can do it Clara!

  3. Sherry

    Can’t wait to see you both, too:)

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