Old Town Kenai

It occurred to me that most of the pictures on here can fall into one of three categories: Clara with a knitted hat held by Aaron in a sling; Clara in pajamas staring down the camera with something in her mouth; Clara and me and whatever awkward hair phase I happen to be in at the time.

So, here are some pictures of us on the town with our friends Kelsey and Anna. I took Clara to a consignment boutique so I’d have something other than stretchy black workout pants to wear for our trip to Illinois and Florida.  Aside from the time when I had to chase a crawling, outlet-obsessed Clara from the dressing room, it was a successful first-time shopping spree, especially since I can spree to the tune of forty dollars or less on clean, pressed, used clothing.

After the consignment bonanza, we met Kelsey and Anna at Veronica’s Coffeehouse and did a little photo-shooting of Old Town Kenai before sharing a pot of Orange Spice green tea.

April 11 002

Not quite Florida.

April 11 003

Old Town Kenai hosts a lot of old Russian Orthodox buildings. Here’s a church.

April 11 004

A classy little shacky coffee joint.

April 11 005

April 11 006

Our nice friends.

April 11 008

Anna: “So, how was your chicken brown rice soup?”

Clara: “Eh, it was okay. I like Cheerios more than soggy rice, though. I like your shoes.”

Anna: “Thanks. You should really learn to walk, you know, Clara. You’ll get cute shoes, too.”

Clara: “Yeah, I know. But I kind of like crawling on wood floors. It’s fun. I enjoy eating things off the ground and risking splinters. I’m very rugged. You can tell by my vest..”

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