The Vacation Begins

So, maybe I want my internet back. Clara’s asleep and I’m three bars strong on Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Alan’s wireless, enjoying a second wind since the munchkin went down.

We boarded a twenty-seater aircraft last night in Kenai and said goodbye to our mountains and Aaron. This was definitely more aircraft than airplane since with just a surface understanding of Bernoulli’s principle, I’m pretty confident that I could figure out how to take apart and re-craft the not-so-wind-resistant passenger jet.

May 2011 002

How strange to not sleep at night. It was 8:00 p.m. in Anchorage and then it was 6:00 a.m. in Dallas and we learned that a biological clock is just a state of mind. Clara was a doll and climbed all over our Ayn-Rand reading neighbor. I’m certain she convinced him to abandon his Objectivist pursuits and have lots of babies instead.

After accepting that there would be no sleep, we enjoyed some Mr. Potato Head on the way from Dallas to St. Louis. Clara still couldn’t stop smiling. That girl loves new places, new faces, and a comfy window seat.

May 2011 005

The truth is Mr. Potato Head wasn’t nearly as much fun as Mr. Evian Head. Clara’s so task oriented these days and loved playing with the water bottle cap.

May 2011 009

Finally, the cousins reunite! She’s been hanging out with her bud Owen and trying not to give him her cold. I can tell she already wants to be as cool as her older cousins, Sophia, Meaghan, and Madelyn.

May 2011 012

The little gem finished her night by hanging out with Sophia and Grandma Nancy, and when I laid her down a few minutes ago, she promised me with her eyes that she would sleep the whole night through and eat lots of Grandma Nancy’s good food in the morning.

May 2011 023


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3 responses to “The Vacation Begins

  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your time at home.

  2. Sherry

    Thanks, Rachael. It’s so fun to be in someone else’s house with nothing to do but visit and keep Clara happy.

  3. mpieh

    So glad Clara’s been such a good little traveler! Enjoy your time with family. 🙂

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