The Little Girl Loves Her Family

We started the day by waking up at the luxurious hour of 9:00 a.m. and had a breakfast of homemade sweet rolls. Then, Clara’s great-grandparents came over for a visit. Grandma Moore knows all the best baby games.

May 2011 001

After some floor time, Clara wanders over to visit with Great-Grandpa.

May 2011 002

And, it’s back to Great-Grandma to count some piggy toes.

May 2011 003

May 2011 005

After our visit, Clara and I met up with Brooke, Sophia, and Owen and walked the neighborhood as I secretly checked out all the houses for sale. When Brooke and the kids left to pick up their sisters, Clara and I took Oscar the Wilde puppy out for an extended walk and gawked at some really immense homes. Life gets a little surreal when the homes cost close to an half a million. One house had a dog that actually cooperated with the invisible fence. Another house had a ventilated mail box.

We went back to Brooke and Joe’s new fantastic house with lots of fantastic space and Clara gave her first hug on cue to her cousin Owen. They will grow up to be good friends, I think. Clara jumped on the trampoline with Sophia and crawled around in some real Midwestern grass.

We finished the day with more playtime with Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Alan as well as a visit with Aunt Bev and Uncle Dan.

May 2011 008

May 2011 009

May 2011 006

May 2011 011


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3 responses to “The Little Girl Loves Her Family

  1. Grandma Leverett

    You can tell that Clara likes her Daddy’s family a lot. I am sure there are cheaper homes in Quincy and just as nice.

  2. Sherry

    She’s having a great time. Yeah, the neighborhood next to Nancy and Alan’s neighborhood is super fancy, but there are a lot of nice, family-sized homes around here. It’s such a neat town.

  3. Aunt Sam

    That is really neat that Clara has so many great grandparents!! She is very lucky!!
    Love you two!

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