The North Meadow View

The best thing about grandmas is you can say “how about you put Clara to sleep tonight” without feeling guilty.  Clara’s been an expert traveler, with the help of an all-you-can-eat buffet of breast milk. She even moved Nancy the Stewardess to tears with her gentle baby cooing and petting. Clara gave Nancy a big hug and Nancy sat with us for awhile and told us about how she didn’t want kids when she could have them, but then, you know.  I do know. I’m pretty sure I have wrinkles when I smile. The aging body stops for no one.

But I spent not the afternoon thinking of an aging body but playing increasingly complicated games of peekaboo—first with hands, then with a blanket, then an armrest, then a water bottle; I suppose Clara is learning early that if you want to, there’s always something to hide behind, and always a way to come out and play.

Here are some snippets from the day:

Pretty Aunt Sam and Clara

May 2011 003

Grandma Sharon getting some baby love

May 2011 006

Grandma Mark shows off some kazoo chops

May 2011 007

Clara shows Grandpa how to play ball

May 2011 008

Oh my goodness. Clara finally found a dog her speed and size. She won’t stop hugging Gia.

May 2011 011

Wrapping up the night with a read with Grandma

May 2011 013

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  1. Oh, I do love the purple spotted shorts. I play peek-a-boo with my nephew via skype. He runs behind the computer to hide and then pops back round. Love it!

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