One Year Olds

Today, Clara and her cousin Luke reunited and talked about how fast time goes and how they can’t believe they’re already one years old. Clara and Luke’s first picture together was on Santa’s lap last Christmas—a classic shot of Luke smiling and Clara crying miserably. Clara’s a good baby, but Luke amazes me. He never fusses, always smiles, and can eat an entire peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch and still have room for Cheerios.

Clara was put on ball duty and fetched the spewing balls while Luke made sure the toy kept running.

May 2011 003

I think I’m trying to teach “sharing” here. Never an easy one to learn.

May 2011 005

Clara tells Aunt Dayle some good gaga googoo stories.

May 2011 008

Someone’s practicing the art of disinterest.

May 2011 009

Okay, so disinterest is boring, after all.

May 2011 010

Clara has her first horse ride on the 25 year old Reba. I think Luke looks like a real cowboy here.

May 2011 012

Love my little outdoorsy girl.

May 2011 017


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2 responses to “One Year Olds

  1. Kelsey

    I’m loving following your visit home. And you guys look so warm! And happy 🙂 We miss you up here but I’m so glad you’re having a good time. Despite the sleep stuff Clara looks like she’s having just a grand ol’ time!

  2. Amy E. Vorro

    Such sunny, happy pictures. Keep them coming!

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