Oh, Beach

We’ve arrived at Captiva Island where Sammy is getting married at South Seas Resort on Thursday.  It’s beautiful. It’s warm. There are outdoor pools. I guess I’ll fly back to AK in a week.

Clara’s first Florida sunset.

May 2011 006

Clara’s cousin Joanna and some other familiar faces.

May 2011 008

My brother Mark with Clara, Sam, and Me

May 2011 009

Cute little thing loved the waves.

May 2011 010

May 2011 012

Clara looks pretty stylish in Joanna’s fedora.

May 2011 016

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One response to “Oh, Beach

  1. Kelsey

    Oh Florida looks wonderful. I haven’t even thought about a swimsuit this year. Do they sell those here?! It did reach 60 yesterday for the first time. I would say “Don’t you wish you’d been here,” but I don’t think you’re shedding too many tears over it. Glad Clara likes the water! That gives me hope for Anna…

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