And Then There Were Two

Two days ago we rehearsed for my sister’s wedding and yesterday, she was married.  Forty-five could very well be the perfect number of people to have at a wedding—enough people to fill a dance floor and not so many that people spend four hours at a wedding only to never meet the happy couple.  The night could not have gone any better. The weather was perfect, the wedding dress was amazing, the bride’s family was relatively sober, the flower girl was well-napped.

Aaron, Clara, and I pose at the rehearsal dinner. Well, Aaron and I do. Clara poses for no one.

May 2011 016

Pretty as a petal.

May 2011 006

Sam, Clara, and I in front of some beautiful Florida landscape. Clara’s giving Sam a little tickle on her chin.

May 2011 008

My sister was the absolute most gorgeous bride I’ve ever seen.

May 2011 041

Mom and Sam have a heart-to-heart before the big aisle walk.

May 2011 035

Clara goes for a few practice runs in her wedding wagon. I couldn’t go to sleep Wednesday night because I was fearful that Clara would be crying and nixed from the wedding party due to bad behavior. She did, in fact, cry as the preceding party members half-stepped down the aisle but pulled it together once she was in her wagon.

May 2011 042

It got a little late, and Clara got a little grumpy, before I remembered to get some pictures. Also, this is the first time I’ve worn make-up since prom. Secretly, I like it, but who has the time for eyeliner?

May 2011 047

My family.

On a side note, Aaron spent thirty-hours trying to get to Captiva after some flight delays due to the tornados. He’s been impressively alert considering a whole night of sleep of his disappeared somewhere between Canada and Texas.

May 2011 050

Clara managed to time the teething of two molars with our one extended family vacation. She’s gumming her hand here and in other pictures not taken, she’s screaming at the first possible suspicion that her mom might leave her to, you know, brush her teeth or take a shower.

May 2011 045

Sam and Dad father-daughter dance to “In My Life” by The Beatles.

May 2011 065

Lastly, the bride and groom have the whole room swaying and smiling as they dance to Alison Krauss’s “When You Say Nothing at All.”

May 2011 059

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One response to “And Then There Were Two

  1. Kelsey

    What a sweet post 🙂 Your sister looked beautiful. And so did you, Sherry!

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