The X Chromosome

The key to a happy marriage is in the answer “yes” to one simple question: “Can you do dinner tonight?” Last night, Aaron grilled some king salmon, asparagus, and made rice, which we like to call risotto, with almonds and dried fruit. It freakin’ tasted like New York City. I like meals to be a process—check out a new recipe book at the library, read it before bedtime, buy myself a treat at the grocery store, for instance, a shallot or bok choy, pour a glass of wine, send Clara off with Aaron to bath time, turn on some Diana Krall, and just chop.  Aaron likes meals to be creative and spontaneous, so when I ask “can you do dinner tonight,” he answers with flair and fish.

Here’s Aaron and his big bad king:

May 2011 002


Clara is turning out to be a lot like her dad. She loves raw fruits and vegetables. She picks up lots of books and doesn’t finish them. She yearns to go outside and is always pointing and grunting at the front door for me to let her out. 

Clara went to her first baseball game Friday night to watch Josh Pieh. Here, she’s talking shop with her pal Bekah.

June 2011 002

She also loves to brush her teeth and take a hot bath. The first time I hung with Aaron, I was shocked at the care and time with which he took to brush his teeth, and that he liked pearly peach bath beads. Most importantly, like her dad, Clara loves music. I predict at her next birthday, Clara will pass around a bunch of recorders, her new favorite instrument, and expect all those in attendance to play a little “Hot Cross Buns” before they can have any cake.

June 2011 012

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