I Go Walking

If the sun is out, then as soon as Clara wakes up from her afternoon nap, we shove some strawberries her direction and then hit the trails for some family bonding. Yesterday, we finally made the nine mile round trip to Juneau Falls. Clara is strangely contented by leaves, dirt, and lupine and only woke up the bears once when we tried to put her raincoat on. 

(Aaron was doing all the photographic heavy-lifting this time around, so there’s a lot of Sherry and Clara in this installment.)

June 2011 005

Love those little baby hands around my neck.

June 2011 006

Dakota’s a good, happy boy when we’re out trailing.

June 2011 010

Juneau Falls and dangerous cliffs.

June 2011 012

Little Miss Curious and Curiouser.

June 2011 015

Geez, she looks big.

June 2011 016

Nine miles are lot of miles.


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2 responses to “I Go Walking

  1. I am full of envy for your summer adventures!

  2. Sherry

    But you live in England! Talk about envy. We should do a rental trade one day.

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