Knowing Her Nose

Sometimes I have time to read updates from Baby Center, the informative but often fear-mongering website that asks me if I know the early signs of Asperger’s, autism, and ADHD, for instance, is my child sometimes too distracted by barking dogs to eat her yummy yogurt. Today they provided a table that told me Clara would be on schedule if she could point out her body parts by 15 months old. I thought this was another one of those “your baby should be walking by kindergarten” suggested milestones, but still, it never hurts to ask.

She knew! She knew where her nose, mouth, tongue, and hands were even though we’ve never played the body part game before. That little cutie has been keeping secrets. On our hike, she knew where the dogs were, where the water was, where Daddy was standing–yes, Aaron did have to advise me that we may not want to overdo the questions and exhaust our little secretive know-it-all. How strange when something is learned but was never taught.

Aaron asked the questions, while I clicked the button.

“Where’s your nose, Clara?”

June 2011 002

“Where’s your mouth?”

June 2011 003

“Where are your eyes?”

June 2011 004

“Oh, okay, right. Where’s your tongue?”

And from the hike up Hideout Trail:

(Nancy, we can definitely do this one when you visit:)

June 2011 006

I suppose there might be such a thing as too many pictures of mountains. Still, kinda pretty . . .

June 2011 016

We were trying to get a picture that would elicit a “like” from 60% of Aaron’s Facebook friends.June 2011 026

I like Clara’s coy little smile here. She feels pretty grown up now that she knows where her tongue is.

June 2011 036

Aaron, studying his little precious.

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