Ice Cream Flavors

On our last walk around Kelly Lake, Aaron and I talked about ice cream. Aaron asked me if Clara was an ice cream flavor, what would she be. I am dependably much less creative and thoughtful with games of analogy and end up piling on the descriptors to compensate for what was initially a pretty weak choice.

“Umm, cherries jubilee. With chocolate chips. No thin chocolate shavings. Dark chocolate shavings. Because she’s happy but not without her complexities. And also because chocolate is actually a very delicate, multi-dimensional taste but we don’t register it as such because it’s so common. What about you? What would you choose?”

“Cake batter,” Aaron says.

“Oh, yeah, cause Clara makes us celebrate!”

“No, because she’s kind of lumpy.”

“Aw, she is, isn’t she? Those cute little lumpy legs. I love our little lumpy! Okay, so I know what flavor you would be,” I say.

“Go on.”

“You would be mint chocolate chip made out of whole milk and a brand name like Haagen Dazs but I wouldn’t be able to get you at a mall. I’d get you at a market from a really friendly farmer. Because you’re refreshing and also very gratifying, like whole milk. And you’re rare, but earthy rare not European rare. And you’d come with sprinkles because you’re very funny, like a bright color. Your turn.”

“Pistachio. See, people think you’re going to be mint chocolate chip and then they try you out, and you’re a little nutty. They keep eating, thinking, isn’t this mint chocolate chip? What’s wrong with this ice cream? It’s good, but it’s just sort of . . . nutty. Then they realize they really like pistachio ice cream, it might be even be their new favorite flavor, but it’s just so hard to find.”

That’s one of my favorite things Aaron has ever said to me.

Okay, on with some pictures from the last few days:

June 2011 003

Clara with her new favorite sippy cup.

June 2011 005

Clara, getting to know Hadley.

June 2011 010

Our first visitors: Uncle Kelly and Melody.


Clara’s new favorite game is Downward Dog Rolls Over. A video should be coming soon.


Aaron reading to his girls.


Taking those big scary first steps.


Spending some with the book Wild Animals!

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One response to “Ice Cream Flavors

  1. Nancy Moore

    And who showed Clara how to do “Downward Dog Rolls Over”? Looks like a tricky move to me.

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