Grandma Comes to Town

Aaron and I are proudly hosting our second overnight guest—second only to Kells, our charming friend from college who works for a conservative publication in Washington D.C. and has American flag shorts. Aaron’s mom Nancy is visiting from Quincy, Illinois, and we’re working in as many Alaskan adventures as possible. Yesterday we traversed a mountain and today we’re off to Seward to show off our wedding venue, see how much Exit Glacier has melted in the last five years, and watch Aaron play his saxophone at a place called Nellie’s.

It is true that we have minimal square footage, so we’ve officially donated our bedroom to anyone who wants to visit. The night before Nancy arrived, we tested out our futon and remembered fondly the differences between a queen and full-sized bed.

Here, Clara joins me in our morning ritual of lounging with a book, drink, and snack (Kelsey and Mandy, I’m much further along now in East of Eden:):

July 2011 003

Clara soon says enough lounging, let me out into the world, and enjoys some independent viewing of the yard:

July 2011 006

Here’s Grandma giving Clara a sweet embrace after a long, long, long, long flight:

July 2011 008

At church the next morning, Clara joins her little friend Carmen and her big friend Lia in a round of “Heart and Soul,” but only if she gets to play the part of “Soul”:

July 2011 013

Clara shows Grandma and Dad her hammering expertise:

July 2011 015

Clara also told me that she thought Grandma would really like to go up and down some stairs while she was visiting:

July 2011 022

Someone looks pretty darn cute in polka dots.

July 2011 023

The happy, hosting couple on Hideout Trail:

July 2011 024

Dad and Grandma check out the view, though Clara says, Been there, done that.

July 2011 025

The genius of a photo timer put to good use:

July 2011 029

A rewarding vista after a steepish hike:

July 2011 032


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2 responses to “Grandma Comes to Town

  1. Amy E. Vorro

    Love the third picture, but poor Nancy looks pretty tired. 🙂

  2. don adams

    Hi, I’m an old friend of Nancy’s from graduate school —-
    And I remember Aaron very well, but as a boy!
    I used to stay in his room when I visited their house (thanks Aaron).
    Lovely pics and family and lovely setting for living.
    Here is my e-mail, if you don’t mind, could you pass it along to Nancy?
    I’d love to get back in touch with her.
    best, don

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