Super Mario Brothers: The Alaska Edition

Alaska is a video game and Nancy is the top scorer. Like Aaron said today, Nancy might just win the trifecta, and no one wins the trifecta, even if they subscribe to the Nintendo magazine with all the hints.

*Just taking a moment to recognize the obvious: my cache of extended metaphors that includes video games is limited to Duck Hunt, Zelda, Tetris, and Mario Brothers, and since the latter had mushrooms, I thought it the best choice.

Before we get to the trifecta, we have to discuss weaponry, lives, and bonus points.

In a first life, Nancy had the handsome, Thoreauesque son.

July 2011 174

In a subsequent life, the handsome son met the smiley daughter-in-law and had the really cute baby.

July 2011 178

They moved to Alaska  where Nancy came to visit and beat all the odds. Like all video games from the eighties, this one begins with level one.

Level One: Climb a Modest Mountain and Endure Giant Alaskan Bug Bites.

Bonus Points: Smile for a Photo at the End Even Though You’re Really Itchy

July 2011 194

Level Two: Walk Along a Pretty Creek and Avoid the Temptation of Swimming In Its Green Ripples.

July 2011 211

Good Job, Nancy! You’re doing great.

Level Three: Dare to Face Exit Glacier and Its Roaring, Icy, Glacial Winds

Bonus Points: Find Pink Flowers that Can Grow Out of Ice and Rock

July 2011 222

Level Four: Take the Crying Granddaughter Out of the Restaurant to Smell Flowers

July 2011 229

Good job comforting the baby and getting up early to go fishing. You win a moose!

July 2011 235

Level Five: Take Your Daughter-in-Law’s Yoga Class.

Bonus Points: Perform a Very Good-Looking Cobra

July 2011 258

Level Six: Dress a Baby in PJ’s and Ignore Those Rascally Dogs in the Background

Bonus Point: Apply Those PJs in Such a Way as to Preclude Any Additional Bellybutton Canoodling

July 2011 018

Level Seven: Keep that Baby Entertained At Least Three Pages Into “Red Fish, Blue Fish”

July 2011 019

Level Eight: Get that Baby a Cute Hat and Make Sure She Keeps It On

July 2011 026


You are now ready for the trifecta.


Part I: You will see a grizzly bear with her two cubs and live to tell about it!

July 2011 248

Part II: An enormous humpback whale will breach before your very eyes!

July 2011 037

July 2011 054


Part III: You will catch a salmon . . .

July 2011 232


The trifecta is almost yours.


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2 responses to “Super Mario Brothers: The Alaska Edition

  1. mpieh

    Yay…so glad she got to see and do so many neat things! I sure was fun meeting her. 🙂

    – Mandy

  2. Kelsey

    Ahh!!! You saw bears!!! You will have to tell me about it. Looks like you’re having a great time!! PS That page says “Some are sad and some are mad and some are very very bad.” The next page says “Why are they sad and mad and bad? I do not know go ask your dad.” I I Seuss genius. Or maybe I read a lot of baby books…

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