Now Is the Time for This

Lately, I hear the following from everyone of all ages and gender: Now is the time for this. They mean now is the time to not eat out, to ignore tantrums, to welcome interruption, to get up in the middle of the night and also to cuddle after a nap, to speak in monosyllable, and to be made into a better person by a child. During this time, here are some things we do:

We listen to Clara’s favorite music (which happens to be most everything I listened to in high school). She loves the Stand By Me soundtrack, the Jackson Five, the Disney Princess Collection, the theme song for the movie Juno, Songs for Wiggleworms, Buddy Holly, and the Beatles’ early years.

We watch Clara give every single baby she ever sees a hug. I don’t know—one day I’m going to have to tell her about personal space and that not everyone likes to be hugged within the first thirty seconds of meeting her, but for now, it’s still really cute. Below, I could barely get out my monkey-accented, “Okay, Clara, you can take me with you,” before she grabbed the semi-live monkey puppet into her embrace:

August 2011 044

August 2011 046

We let Clara wash herself in yogurt, e.g. learn to use a spoon. She also loves to share her food if not with Dakota, then with Dad.

August 2011 042

We go to the playground a lot. Her favorite part is the slide. 

August 2011 021

It’s so hard not to be absurdly proud of every small thing your child does. I love that Clara isn’t afraid to slide down by herself. I love that when she falls down, she doesn’t cry but gets right back up. I love that when I say, “Let’s go get Dad,” she says, “Duhd” and slips her little baby hand into mine.

She discovered the sandbox today on the playground, too.

August 2011 037

She lets the big kids tell her what to do.

August 2011 031

Pretty Girl: Exhibit A

August 2011 030

Pretty Girl: Exhibit B

August 2011 036


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4 responses to “Now Is the Time for This

  1. Brooke

    Clara is such a sweet little girl! I would love some of those hugs! Hope you guys are doing great! BTW, I read East of Eden years ago…Loved it!

  2. It’s hard from here not to imagine it being a better world if we all hugged people we met every single time.

    • Sherry

      So true! Can you imagine? Even if people weren’t rioting my homeland, I can imagine the improvement a few daily hugs might make.

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