A Day Lifts Off

In the morning we ate cherry preserves for breakfast. We were smiling at breakfast.

August 2011 003

Clara’s getting what I’ve heard called a  “two-year-old” molar. It sends her into fits of anguish only made worse when I try to console her. The Jackson Five’s “ABC” brings much more comfort, so we still piled into the car to go see a fishing father at the park.

August 2011 006

Clara was so happy to see Dad. She hugged him like five times in a row.

August 2011 007

Then, the most amazing thing happened. The Penguins of Madagascar took flight on a kite.

August 2011 011

What are you looking at, Clara?

August 2011 014

Don’t ask ridiculous questions, Mom. An ite, of course.

August 2011 017

Clara gets a tutorial from Aaron on kite maneuvering.

August 2011 019

She executes Dad’s lessons with impressive focus.

August 2011 022

Here’s the live action version, with lots of special Clara noises:


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2 responses to “A Day Lifts Off

  1. Nancy Moore

    This was wonderful. A future aerodynamic engineer?

  2. Brooke

    Thanks for sharing! This made my day!

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