60 Seconds

Clara is at the age now where I think it is safe to use the bathroom without locking her in there with me. I trust that in the time it takes to flush and wash hands, she’s in her bedroom, throwing her socks around the room or emptying out her laundry basket so she can find last Sunday’s tights to wear as a shawl.

Aaron trusts Clara, too. Last night as I made dinner, Aaron was laying down and letting the freshly bathed Clara alternatively bounce on his belly and walk down to our bedroom to check on the dogs.

Then, she took a detour, but even detours seem relatively safe these days. A detour into the bathroom might mean I’m collecting sheets of toilet paper later or standing upright a fallen broom.

But Clara’s legs are growing, which means we have to reconsider her capabilities. As a biped, she can get a lot more accomplished in a minute’s worth of parental distraction.

So, last night Clara bounced on Aaron’s belly one more time but did not check on the dogs as expected. She thought it would be more fun to get out some sneezes and rub her belly button in some leftover lukewarm bath water. With a diaper and pajamas on.

August 2011 003

I know what you must be thinking. Why is there lukewarm bath water still in the tub to begin with? Well, Aaron and I have an unspoken agreement that he will bathe Clara almost every night if I don’t complain about putting the bath toys away and letting the water out while he dries Clara off and puts her PJs on. Sometimes I can do this right away and sometimes I’m rolling out pizza dough for dinner that night. I hope that didn’t sound defensive. We promise Clara is very safe in our hands and that our cabin is very small and we hear everything your granddaughter, niece, cousin, and second-cousin-one-step-removed does.

August 2011 004

Now, as if you weren’t worried enough, I’m going to divulge more secrets. I sometimes hang up clothes in the bedroom while Clara plays in the kitchen. In the time it took me to hang up one pair of khakis and button two of those tiny little collar buttons on Aaron’s shirt, Clara had found the most comfortable seat in the house:

August 2011 005

Chillin’ in the cupboard with the table linens and bibs.

My last secret is that I might leave Clara with her breakfast while I go peel some more apple slices. This reminds me of how Aaron swears that just the right amount of neglect can do a kid good. He likes to leave Clara’s snack temptingly peeking out of her diaper bag so she can exert her independence and bring the snack to him when she’s ready to eat (versus my strategy of chasing her around the house with food in one hand and a wet paper towel in the other).  So, a couple peeled apple slices later, I come out to find Little Miss DIY lathering herself in vanilla yogurt:

August 2011 008

August 2011 010

August 2011 011


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3 responses to “60 Seconds

  1. Kelsey

    Haha. I’m leaving Anna more and more these days too. It’s scary at first, but I love it when I find her all cozy in her closet reading books to herself. Loved the kite post. That’s a great idea I’m going to steal from you next time we go to the park!

  2. Brooke

    Toddlers are too funny! I have started to give Owen a little “alone time” these days…the kid can’t walk, so what kind of trouble can he get into? ALL KINDS! ;-0

  3. Brooke

    BTW, I think she did a fabulous job with the yogurt!

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