A Word from My Sponsor

Aaron brings me home lots of stories, so I thought you might like to hear one, too. We keep in touch with another couple from Tallahassee, Zack and Laura, in monthly emails and here’s a clip from the last one Aaron, upon finishing his first day back to school, sent us (names have been changed to protect the vulnerable):

So, today was my first day back with students.  Before I attempt any sardonic wit let me say with absolute sincerity that I love my job.  Okay, now the day… 
I had mostly kindergartners today.  My last recollection of kindergarten was of a class of 20 all dressed for Sunday performing their end of the year concert in my room with the lights dimmed, parents crying and then receiving a bouquet of flowers from my principal after it was all over.  The cold water came swiftly to my warm memories.  They come in with such an enormous range of behavioral skills and knowledge.  Day one of kindergarten is when you really see parenting.  Amazing the disrespect for authority some 5 year olds are capable of.  Amazing the learning curve of being thrown into school for the first time in your life.  Most amazing is the courage it takes for a 5 year old to brave a world with new peers, new authorities, and no parents.
    Today in Mrs. Wallace’s class:  After teaching how to enter the room silently, take a seat on the circle and listen to the music, I see Katelyn with her head in her knees and her shoulders bouncing slowly.  I know what is going on and I have only one way to describe my reaction.  Remember that video uber-liberals like to refer to showing President Bush learning of the 9/11 attack while reading to a kindergarten class?  If not, what happens in the video is that we see the news whispered in his ear, he pauses, then blinks a little, perhaps thinks what a president “would do” and decides to keep reading to the class.  A few moments later, members of his staff come in and tell him basically “You really should get back to the White House now.”  Well, I was President Bush and Katelyn was 9/11.  I knew she was crying, I knew she wanted her mom, and I knew that the only male teacher in the school seemed awfully scary to her.  I thought, if I approach her, I only scare her more, create a window for her to express her feelings rather than continue to stifle them (what I wanted her to do), and possibly make a ripple into a wave.  I tried to teach on.  She persisted and I caved.  I asked her what was wrong and she wailed “I WANT MY MOMMIE!!!”  I said, “Your mom will be here to pick you up in an hour.”  To that sound reasoning she wailed, “I WANT MRS. WALLACE!”  I said, “Mrs. Wallace will be here in 15 minutes.”  To that unconvincing reassurance, she wailed with the existential angst only a 60 year old lawyer that never made partner could understand “WHY ISN’T MRS. WALLACE HERE?!  WHERE IS MY MOMMIE?!”  The world is so cruel.  Of course, her cries continued, I continued to fuddle, and 10 long minutes later I manage to move into a class activity where she is allowed to play a shaker.  The shaker finally calmed her spirits.
     While Katelyn cracked today, I know from last year’s experience that others will crack tomorrow and still others won’t crack until October.  But we get em all eventually :).
Seriously though, it really is a pleasure to be a part of this developmental stage and to be the music man at that.  I hope to somehow teach them to fight our existential silence with song.  Mom isn’t always there, but we can blow our horn and sing our song.


Clara’s doing lots of cute things these days, so here are some glimpses:


Oh, yes, we couldn’t wait to get Clara the noisiest, oldest toy since plastic was invented. Work it, Clara!

August 2011 002

Clara and I like to chill in bed and talk to the dogs while Dad makes breakfast.

August 2011 007

So when I get the notion to play dress-up with my baby girl, this is what happens. This is cute, right?

August 2011 012

What is it about Goodnight, Moon that kids love? It’s the only book Clara sits all the way through.

August 2011 013


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3 responses to “A Word from My Sponsor

  1. Brooke

    So many comments to leave…I’ll make this brief! Goodnight Moon, best children’s book ever. You will note on my facebook page, the books ability to capture Owen’s attention (tongue out and all)!!!! As for dressup, I sent a pink tutu for Clara (and mommy) this week. I could not resist sending a little piece of Sophie’s toddler days! I hope you enjoy dancing around to “T-Pain”, while wearing a pink tutu. Also, the story about the little girls is very heartbreaking (I actually teared up) because that little girl is Sophia. She has sat in the gym every morning this week (first week of Kindergarten) and cried. I try not to cry, as I give her one last hug
    and exit the gym. I’ll be honest, I end up texting her teacher late morning to see if she symptoms have improved (it’s a blessing to be good friends with the kindergarten teacher ;-0). Anyway, thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your blogs! Love you guys!

    • Sherry

      Oh, Brooke, who knew kindergarten was so hard! But can you imagine, going from a nice, simple life at home to all those new faces? That’s a lot to handle, even for an adult. Thanks for commenting, Brooke. We love you and that wonderful family of yours:)

  2. Brooke

    Oops…I should have proof read before hitting enter! Yikes! You get the point!

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