If You Want Something Done Right

In addition to magic and feeding the dogs, Clara’s other extracurricular interests include changing her own diaper. Whenever she’s filled her diaper with the stuff that stinks, she lets us know she’d like to freshen up by first pulling out the changing pad we use in her diaper bag:

September 2011 001

Then she walks quite doggedly down the hall to fetch a diaper:

September 2011 003

I can be heard from the other room saying, “Can you find a clean diaper?”, a question for which I imagine the response to involve some precocious eye-rolling and a mildly exasperated, “Of course, Mom. I only do this all the time.”

September 2011 005

She brings the diaper back with an impressive aura of authority (sorry about the focus).

September 2011 006

She estimates where she’ll need to stand in order to fall back on the changing pad and land on its northernmost side.

September 2011 007

Sometimes we miss that part and end up on the floor . . .

September 2011 009

But that’s okay; we can always scoot over. Feet up!

September 2011 010

Clara’s baby OCD kicks in here because she can’t bear to have the stinky diaper laying next to her for the ten seconds it would take to put the new one on. She insists on throwing it away first thing.

September 2011 011

All gone.

September 2011 013

At this point, she realizes she loves her naked butt, so there’s some finagling that ensues as I must put down the camera and chase my little de-diapered lamb chop.

Also, the sweet little grown up loves to help in the kitchen and digs up oven mitts wherever she can find them when it’s time to take out the chicken.

September 2011 015

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