Clara’s Friends

I like to say Clara has friends for the same reason I like to translate “Ahhh ooohh tttt” to “I do it, Mama. I is independent and very gifted, Mama”: it is human nature, I think, to want the ones you love to grow. But, I actually think  Clara does have friends, like baby friends she prefers to baby not-really-friends because, oh, I don’t know, they like her curly hair or they have cool crib sheets or they have a nice dog.

We went to our beloved friends Kelsey and Paul’s house to enjoy their television and ask questions like “Did you Tebow that game?,” as in did you record the game in that new-fangled (circa 2005) way that allows you to fast-forward through all the local commercials for mattresses and used cars?

While we were there, I noticed for the first time Clara likes Anna even when I’m not hovering and asking, “Don’t you want to hug Anna? Don’t you want to give her a big, sloppy kiss on her head?”

Here are the friends (thanks for the picture, K!). I watched Clara climb up the rocking chair and scoot over to make room for her special gal.

Anna and Clara

Clara has another bestie named Bekah.  Bekah is a bit older than Clara, so Clara can’t drag her around by her index finger as easily as she can Anna. Bekah and Clara spend a lot of time together during the week with Mandy while I say helpful things to students about their writing. When I pick Clara up from Mandy’s and wake her up from her nap, Bekah gently pets Clara’s arm and sings, “Hi, Clara,” like a mom might sing to her baby. Then, Clara gives her a shy smile that clearly says, I really like you.

Here are the girls—another great picture courtesy of another great friend (thanks, Mandy):

Clara and Bekah II

Clara and Bekah

It’s fall in Alaska, the perfect time to play in a pile of leaves with your best friends.

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  1. Kelsey

    sweet girls 🙂 all of ’em.

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