The Games We Play

Clara went to the doctor this week for her eighteen-month check up. We would have gone when she was actually eighteen-months, instead of nineteen going on twenty, but our pediatrician is semi-retired and so spends the “retired” part of that equation flying his plane to cabins on a mountainside and the “semi” part figuring out the best way to stick an otoscope in a crying baby’s ear. I was told that I do not need to chase Clara around with cheese anymore, but she is, according to the growth chart, a tiny little thing, like her Aunt Sam:).

Clara has a new friend named Petey. She likes to take Petey for walks to her potty and down our one hallway. Here, she’s showing off Petey’s springy tail for Hadley, who is a semi-lovey that works part time as a judge for the American Kennel Club.

October 11 002

Clara insists on cleanliness. I think she spills things just to delight in wiping them up. She also likes to double-bib whenever possible. The top layer, the 100% cotton bib made by Grandma Sharon, catches the milk dribble while the bottom layer, a full coverage washable bib + bib pocket supplied by Grandma Nancy, catches all the peas Clara likes to pretend she’s eating.

October 11 008

Mmm! Carrot covered in yogurt with squished pea. Don’t mind if I do!

Aaron has taught me a new game. It’s called “Foreheads and Noses.” The object of the game is to slide a plastic bowl down your face by only using your forehead and eyebrow muscles. It helps if you lightly bob your head to give the plastic bowl a little momentum before you maximize bowl control with some concentrated eyebrow lifts.

October 11 016

“That’s it! You’ve almost got it!,” I can be heard shouting from behind the camera. We were really getting into this game, as you can see. Note: You’ll need to make a noticeable strategic adjustment if the bowl is four inches rather than six inches in diameter.

October 11 018

Clara thinks we’re awesome when we are playing this game. She also thinks it’s awesome when we play “Way of the Dragon Meets The Matrix,” or Bruce Lee Takes On Keanu Reeves.  This game involves a lot of scissor kicks and crescent jack knifes.

She likes it even more when we let her take us to the next level in whatever game we’re playing. She wanted to show us how you can move three plastic bowls down your face at one time.  October 11 014

Lately, Clara prefers to take her bedtime reading either standing or jumping on the couch next to Dad. She really likes it when Dad reads the books and has been known to forcibly remove the book from my hand and walk it over to Dad.

October 11 037

Lastly, Clara knows that when we get home from hanging out with Mandy and Bekah, it’s time to have some cookies and milk and tell Momma all about her day. She goes right to the fridge, pulls on the door, and grabs the Tupperware with the stash of cookies.

Sometimes I let her take the whole Tupperware to the table. Sometimes I go in the other room to change out of my work clothes. Sometimes I come back and find out what happens when you leave a baby alone with a cookie jar.

October 11 042

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