Fevers and Laughs

For once, the telephone beat the internet in the race to deliver information, and I’m pretty sure everyone who reads this knows that Clara has had a fever for the last couple of days.  She woke up, looking like this one Wednesday morning

October 11 001

despite the delicious egg, potato, and pepper jack surprise Aaron prepares for us every breakfast.

Feverish and weary, Clara proceeded to do nothing but lay her head on my shoulder for the next forty-eight hours, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I enjoyed it. Many afternoons, we would sit on the couch, her warm head resting on my shoulder, listening to music or the songs I like to make up.

Getting your baby to get over her fever is a lot like finding that wallet I mentioned a few posts back: you have to schedule a doctor’s appointment for the exact afternoon on which you’d like her to feel better. So, she’s, more or less, back to normal.

She’s still pretending to use the toilet a lot. It’s become her new friend. She takes it into the living area and puts blocks and puzzle pieces in the bowl where eventually her precious little excretions will go. As cute as she is, I fear she may be developing such a close relationship with her toilet that she won’t be able to defile it properly when the time comes.

October 11 007

Some privacy, please.

October 11 009

The other thing going on is winter. Well, more precisely, winter is thinking about going on; I believe Arizona received its first snowfall before we did. The dark is showing more commitment, however, and with dark days come practical jokes.

See, part of the perk of teaching elementary school are the pictures. Aaron gets school pictures in all shapes and sizes with all sorts emerald and ruby backgrounds. I suspect it will become an annual tradition for someone in our family to receive a signed copy of one of the ten or so 8 x 10s that come in the package, but in addition to all the wallet sizes, there are stickers.  So, the other day, I was getting my wallet out to pay for groceries and I see my new friend has arrived:

October 11 018

Aaron of 2011!  I am hoping that my wallet will eventually be covered in mini-pictures of Aaron and his best school smile.

But, he is a silly husband, and the fun doesn’t stop with wallets. One day, I turned to open the refrigerator and there was

October 11 011

not the cute little IGA savings girl, but another Aaron! I know he has, like, twenty more stickers, so it’s Easter all year long here in the Lohmeyer household. I have no idea where I’ll find my next egg, but I’m thinking my pillow and the door knob might be top contenders.

Hope you all are well! We love and can’t wait to see everyone around Christmas time.

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