Oh, Christmas Tree

On Saturday, Aaron headed out to Swanson River Road where the trees are plentiful and the cutting is legal. He brought home the perfect fit for our home. It’s a well-meaning tree, some might say spindly but others might say fresh. Young. Lanky. Happy to be here. 

Clara was amazed that trees can go into houses and then, even better, that lights can go on trees. There were some seriously shifting paradigms rocking her little toddler world on Saturday.

November 2011 001

Because not only can trees live indoors, but also there is such a thing as eggnog.  She had a grand time downing some Southern Comfort (nonalcoholic) eggnog. I’m pretty sure I saw her pink little tongue licking the sides of the glass.

November 2011 004

After eggnog comes ornaments. Every year, Aaron and I get out the box of ornaments Aaron’s mom sent us when we lived in Fairbanks—we know this because they’re all still wrapped in the Fairbanks’ News Miner newspaper from 2004. We’ve added Florida flamingos and Alaska cross-country skis every year to what was a collection of Aaron’s baby, childhood, and teenage ornaments.

Last year we added Clara’s first ornament to the collection, which she is hanging on the tree for us.

November 2011 009

November 2011 020

She was so little then . . . with some serious cheeks.


The last ornaments to be hung are the two robins that we got from Aaron’s mom the year we got engaged. They go at the very top of the tree, to keep watch over the other ornaments and sneak in bird smooches when the saxophone-playing bear and praying Jesus aren’t watching.

November 2011 016

Finally—I know you’ve been waiting for it!—the tree. Yes, it is a tree. Just a bit pubescent with its peach-fuzzy tree trunk.

November 2011 012

Lots of great reasons to prop the camera on a couple books and scoot to make a spot for Aaron as he races to beat the 10 second count down. Aaron wasn’t thrilled with his frantic smile here, but by golly, I’m pretty sure Clara really smiled when I asked her to do so for the blinking light. Hey, if trees can grow tree beards indoors, then it must be perfectly normal to smile for a rapidly blinking white light. Also, that inky black spot in the background is not the ghost of Christmas Present but Dakota.

We miss you and can’t wait to see you all during Christmastime.

November 2011 015

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One response to “Oh, Christmas Tree

  1. Nancy

    What wonderful photos! Clara looks enchanted with the whole tree experience.

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