The Daddy Files

We’re still finishing up our colds and devoting any spare time to sleeping, so this overdue entry will have to be mostly pictures.

When she’s sad or bored, Clara usually runs to be held by Mom, but she smiles the most for Dad.

Clara will sometimes pull her rocking chair out from her bedroom to the kitchen where she likes sit and have her juice and morning read. Lots of time to read when you wake up at 5:30 a.m. Lately, she’s talking about her books and saying lots of words I don’t quite understand. They all sound like “ouch” and “duck.”

December 2011 003

She definitely smiles on cue now. This is what “Smile!” looks like after a second or two.

December 2011 005

And this is what happens if you take too long to auto-focus (and yes, with camera skills like mine, it is entirely possible to take too long to do something automaticallySmile).

December 2011 006

To celebrate his last day of school, Aaron came home with The Nutcracker and showed us the Sugar Plum Fairy dance and Russian March he taught his kindergartners. Clara liked watching us plié and arabesque, and the afternoon had to conclude with Daddy-Daughter waltz around the living space. Clara looks both dazzled and a little motion-sick.

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