I’ll Be Home for Christmas

We left at 12:40 a.m. and three hours later, it was morning in Seattle. Clara slept on all three flights and again on the drive from St. Louis to Quincy. She just needed a couple laps to sleep on and a few international airports to run around. Every layover, Clara took a few mad dashes from Hudson News to the Chiles, Too.

Christmas 2011 004

If she wasn’t playing tag-Dad-you’re-it-again, she insisted on pushing the diaper bag around in her stroller.

Christmas 2011 006

After a briefly delayed flight on an “express” plane—the euphemism for “small,” we landed in the Midwest, greeted by plains and arches and small town cautionary tales.Christmas 2011 047

Christmas 2011 048

Yesterday we took Clara to her Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Moore’s house. She ate three servings of macaroni and cheese with Grandma’s special Velveeta sauce. She played with toys manufactured in the 1950’s, but the day peaked with the Gator ride around the farm. At first she wasn’t sure if this green and yellow ride was her thing.

Christmas 2011 029

Safe with Dad driving and soon hugged tightly on Mom’s lap, she set off to see lakes full of catfish and big black and white cows. At the sight of the first cow, she uttered a diaphragmatic “MOOO!”.

Christmas 2011 030

After the ride, she was all smiles. It’s been a sunny 35 degrees since we’ve been in Quincy and we’ve been able to go on a long walk every day.

Christmas 2011 033

After her ride, we visited some more and got a few cute grins out of Clara on cue.

Christmas 2011 038

Christmas 2011 045

Back at Grandma and Grandpa’s, Clara made herself at home and tromped around in whatever shoes she could find.

Christmas 2011 011

She’s enjoyed basket rides from Grandpa Alan . . .

Christmas 2011 009

and playing puzzles with Grandma Nancy.

Christmas 2011 053

The best thing we did to prepare for this trip is not buy Clara any toys for a year. She’s discovered battery-operated guitars, mega block sets, and doll houses equipped with day beds and grill sets.

Christmas 2011 059

The best discovery has been her cousin Sophia and her domestic prowess. We’ve eaten a lot of cookies.

Christmas 2011 027

She also can’t stop hugging her cousin Owen and we think it’s those gorgeous blue eyes.

Christmas 2011 018

It’s been a great visit and it’s not even Christmas yet:)

Christmas 2011 052

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