Questions and Answers

Inspired by Clara’s twenty-month-old cousin Luke who now pees in public toilets, we started potty-training yesterday. I said, “Clara, do you want to run around naked all day?”


“Okay, but if you have to go pee-pee, then I want you to tell me and come sit on your toilet.”

Enthusiastic nod.

I thought, oh, this is so easy. What’s all the fuss about? Three minutes passed, and I said, “Clara, do you have to go pee?” Again with the yeses. She went right into the bathroom and was peeing on the rug before I had a chance to plop her on the toilet.  Then, I thought now that we’ve added to Mom’s laundry load for the day, it would be okay if she jumped around her crib naked for a few minutes. Every time a mom is potty-training her kid, she seems to ask the trainee if he has to pee, like, every thirty seconds, so I asked again.


And she squats right on her sheets and tinkles all over the left corner.

I’ve postponed potty training for a few days, but as I type this, I sense that one solution might be to get her on the toilet before I start asking all my questions.

She’s getting cuter by the day. We went to the birth center today to hear the baby’s heartbeat and she got to run the sonogram all over my belly until we heard the rapid “thump, thump, thump.” When the midwife told her it was a baby, she lit up and started petting my jellied belly. It was a pretty touching moment, hearing the baby for the first time, with Clara there to watch in awe.

So, there’s a baby in there, after all. A real baby. I can’t wait.

Here’s my big baby girl. She’s developing a pretty funky sense of style, which we, of course, encourage. After she dressed herself for the day, I told her to go out to the living room so I could take a picture of her cute self. She sauntered right over to the couch, climbed up, and flashed me that crazy camera smile.

January 2012 014

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One response to “Questions and Answers

  1. Mom

    Clara is styling!! Look out Lady Gaga. Clara knows to color coordinate. Love the pink toto.
    I agree with sitting her on potty, then asking her to pee. She was only following instructions.

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