The Day, The Week

I woke up this morning with my eyes gunked together and found out eight hours later at the doctor’s office that I have the official ailment of all first graders—pink eye.  So, it’s either type with eyes shut or squint through the swollen lids to make sure when I type “eyes shut,” I don’t actually type “eyes sh*t.”

I have some thoughts about how wonderful it was to pick up the antibacterial ointment from the pharmacy—how for someone who usually prefers germs to doctors, it really felt comforting to be checked in on a fancy iPad, to wait an hour to be talk to a nurse practitioner for five minutes, to sit in a waiting lounge without any toys but with the disgruntled guy dressed in army pants swearing “F**k, you mean you’re at Walmart! I need a f**kin’ ride, Mom!” loudly into his cell phone. That may have gotten a little sarcastic by the end—an hour wait is a long time with a two year old and nothing but a purse to play with, but truly, picking up that prescription was the highlight of my week. It felt so responsible.

I’ve got the blog itch, though, and despite the .001” window I’ve got between my eyelids, I wanted to post a few pictures of the last week.

Here’s me and my rock star with our early morning hairdos. One of us definitely looks more awake than the other.

January 2012 002

We just survived the coldest week of the year with temperatures around twenty below all week. I know this layer of ice looks meager from this angle, but we had some nice ice caps on the door and windows all week.

January 2012 003

I scored pretty big at the thrift store over the weekend and found Clara a wooden train set, a toddler vacuum, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and a dazzling red purse for under nine bucks. Not to mention all the Christmas goods we brought home with us. Still, one of her favorite toys is the laundry basket.

January 2012 009

When I first tried to take a picture of Clara in her laundry-holding spaceship, she immediately removed it and climbed on the couch next to Delilah to pose for her picture instead.

January 2012 006

All Moms and Sisters—Call anytime so I can complain to you about my swollen face! Miss you all.

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  1. mpieh

    Yay…I’m glad you got some ointment! You looked so miserable this afternoon…I felt so bad for you. 😦 Sorry about the long, unpleasant wait at the doctor’s office…been there, done that, not fun.

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