Wireless in Seattle

Hi All,

Thank Kelsey for this short update on that little bundle of love I’m going to squeeze and kiss in less than five hours. 

Even though Aaron swears Clara was lethargic and depressed on Sunday because she missed me so much, I can tell she’s having a great time with her daddy and her friends. 

Tallahassee was great—I watched my friends pick up other people’s trash and refuse to put cream in their coffee because they feel sorry for cows. Love it. Now, in Seattle, there is a separate bin for “food scraps” and white, green, and clear plastic. I just need to pull up my NPR podcast and I’m all set.

Thinking of you all—all seven or eight of youSmile

Happy Valentine’s Day,





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4 responses to “Wireless in Seattle

  1. Grandma Leverett

    Even though I don’t miss the snow, Clara and her friend are enjoying it. Wish we could have seen you while you were in Florida. Have a safe trip home.
    Love you,

  2. Grandma Leverett

    And “Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!!

  3. mpieh

    Hi Sherry! Yes, Clara is fine and having fun with friends and Daddy, but she definitely misses her Mommy. She was extra clingy with Aaron when he dropped her off this morning, and wanted me or Emily to hold her for a while afterward…it was sweet. Don’t worry, though, she is doing great…but I’m sure she’ll be just as excited to see you and you are her! 🙂 I just got her down for an early nap…so we can go Valentine party hoppin’ at Soldotna El later on. 🙂

    Have a safe rest of your trip…see you tomorrow.

  4. mpieh

    Whoops…typo. I meant “…she’ll be just as excited to see you AS you are her!” 🙂

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