She’s Got Personality

I’ve got lots of pictures of Clara for you.  For our double-date with Anna and Kelsey on Friday, I managed not only to pull Clara’s hair back into a pony tail but also to slip in one of the barrettes from Aunt Brooke and family. She thinks she looks pretty cute. Hilariously cute.


On Saturday we used one of Aaron’s Christmas presents from his students—a $25 gift card to our local coffee shop Kaladi Brothers. Clara’s taste in clothes is evolving from funky to hip. She really digs the somewhat androgynous sweatshirt my mom picked up for her on our last visit. And, at least two of my students wear this same hat to class, except in Cookie Monster blue.

February 2012 001

The weather has been mild enough for a daily sled ride down the street. Today Clara insisted we bring the ducks (on the blanket) and her baby with us on the ride. She kept hugging her baby throughout the ride to make sure she was warm.

February 2012 003

On our way out, we saw what Dakota dragged in from his and Delilah’s morning romp through the wilderness. We let them run free for ten minutes or so before breakfast time since no one else is up on our street at 5:30 a.m. I tried to kick this chewy out of the way and stubbed my toe. Clara looked at it and said, “Ouchie!” Yes, this was quite an ouchie for some unsuspecting, I don’t know, baby moose?

February 2012 002

Thanks to Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Alan for the Valentine’s Card and double-dollar surprise:) Clara loves looking at herself in the mirror that came inside the card and took a very serious pose with her new fixation when I asked if she could hold it up for the camera.

February 2012 006

Later tonight, Clara engaged Aaron in her new favorite game—horse.

February 2012 008

Finally, below is a video that could probably use a couple disclaimers. We don’t generally let Clara dance on the furniture, but we were close enough this time around to make sure her baby jive didn’t result in a tumble. She loves the iPod and might be the only two-year-old who prefers Bobby Watson and Cannonball Adderly to “Baby Beluga” and “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.”

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  1. Grandma Nancy

    What a great heading for this round of pictures and text! You’ve managed to gather a very telling collage of Clara. Thank you.

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