A Saturday Adventure

This afternoon after Clara napped, Aaron worked, and I laid on the couch, Aaron comes out with his snow pants, hat, and gloves on.

“Are you going skiing?,” I ask.


“Are you going to get the snow off the roof?”


“Are you going to shovel?”


That could only mean thing—a snow tunnel.  Sure enough, Aaron was headed outside to dig snow tunnels in our yard. Of course, as soon as Clara heard, she had to go to, which left me to tag along with the camera.

As Aaron alternated between the shovel, a big plastic bowl, and one of my kitchen spoons, I nicely asked him what his goal was. He said, “My goal is awesome.”

Clara had a great time witnessing “awesome.”

2013 002

Love that guy.

2013 003

Clara goes in for a turn.

2013 004

She decides it’s safer to go in with Dad instead.

2013 010

The tunnel is just about tall enough for Clara to sit comfortably.

2013 007

Clara and I eventually headed inside to drink tea and hot chocolate. Aaron came in not long after, covered in snow.  The tunnel collapsed (my spoon is lost until the snow melts in May.) But, Aaron says he learned a lot of about building snow tunnels in just one afternoon. Next week, he’s starting on Clara’s very first igloo.

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One response to “A Saturday Adventure

  1. Nancy

    Snow tunnels sound enchanting. I suppose a childhood in Missouri and Illinois didn’t give him enough outlets for winter activites.

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