Birthday Weekend

Before settling in to an assortment of pictures from the weekend, here’s one from the night before. Clara enjoys a good stacking contest with Dad.


She also likes eating her dinner with “baby.”


Last weekend we took a quick vacation to the windy city Seward, Alaska, with Kelsey, Paul, and Anna. We rented a cute little house and braved the half-block walk to the Sea Life Center through some serious gusts in fifteen degree weather.

Aaron took us on a short detour to the original start of the Iditarod. Clara is tucked behind him here at Mile 0.


There’s my little cheese-whiz. She likes saying “cheese” for the camera and then quickly checking out the digital rendition of her classic pose.


While the girls napped, Aaron and Paul went skiing. There’s a man in this picture but I’m not sure which one.


Then, husbands of the year that they are, Aaron and Paul took the bright-eyed and rested girls back to the Sea Life Center while Kelsey and I went to a . . . spa where we got . . . massages. It was . . . amazing. I love how all the random crystals and stalactites and odiferous hand oil makes me feel so cultured.  We took turns reading and waiting, and if you know anything about having a two-year-old, you know that “reading and waiting” is really quite wonderful in and of itself. Especially if you’re reading Jeffrey Eugenides’  The Marriage Plot. (Thanks for the recommendation, Nancy:).  What a delicious book.

But back to Clara, who is looking awfully Sesame-Street nautical here, which I’m convinced could be a fashionable look for any seafaring toddler.


The sweet girls discover the world together. The beginning of a beautiful friendship.


I love this one Aaron took. Don’t we all want to do this when we’re just inches away from swimming with the sea lions?


Clara loves people. While kids and dogs (and, sure, I’m going lump dogs in with “people”) are her favorite, she’s also been known to dash into the arms of non-parental adults, especially if her parental adults have said, “no, you have to wait until after lunch to have a cookie.” Below, she cuddles with Paul.


We had a wonderfully full day and finished it off with black bean burgers and a variation of the fruit pizza that we often have for birthday celebrations. Clara was starting to get her bi-monthly “growing a tooth in my mouth” fever by this time, but we still squeezed in a fantastic present-opening session after dinner.  Here, she’s checking out the three-layer cake (made from fresh wood!) from Anna. Kelsey and Aaron stand behind; I, missing the cue to look at the camera, talk to Clara about how real the cake looks.


Clara looks through her new book from Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Alan.


She also loves her new pretend fruits and vegetables as well as the tea set. She had to try every plastic lemon, corn, onion, and even what appeared to be the plastic kale before moving to the next present.


Finally, she opened her first American Doll from Uncle Joe, Aunt Brooke, and family. Also, it looks like they may have included an outfit for Clara that matches the color scheme of her new doll’s outfit. Umm, so cute. Must take more pictures:)

And that was our weekend. We’re spring breaking right now, though it was –10 out this morning, and even Aaron was a little mad about it. Still, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the Clara is napping, the Dad is practicing, and the Mom is posting about her really fun stay with the Wittes. It’s a good life.


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  1. Nancy

    Thanks for the pictures! I was really needing a “blog fix” from you Sherry, especially on the big birthday weekend. Happy Birthday Clara!

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