Fashion Show

To get excited about our move down south, I had Clara try on her two new bathing suits from Grandma Nancy today. She was really excited. Once she got them on, I asked her to back up so I could get her picture. She backed up as far as she could go and started  grinning like crazy for her photo shoot.

May 2012 002

May 2012 003

May 2012 004

May 2012 005

Clara’s developed a few habits that have earned her the nickname “reverse baby.” She prefers the crust of a sandwich; she likes the skin of an apple; she likes cleaning up. Before bed every night, she has to make sure her drawers are aligned, that all her dirty clothes are put away, and that the grocery cart and chair are perfectly perpendicular to the way. She straightens her blankets and then gets a final sip of water. Bedtime is definitely starting to become an extended process. Tonight, we caved at her final request for “cheese” since I always want her to eat more. Aaron took her in for her bedtime rock and reported back that she never actually ate the cheese but is instead hugging it in her sleep. Oh well. I’ve become so at ease with imperfections, with food in hidden crevasses, that a little dried up crib cheese seems cute.

Here are Clara and Aaron reading Clara’s latest favorite book, Cat’s Pajamas, a 2012 Christmas present from her Uncle Adam.  She loves hunting down the hidden cat on each page while she eats the skin off her nightly apple with Dad.

May 2012 006

May 2012 007

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  1. mpieh

    I especially like the pink tutu bathing suit…too cute! 🙂

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