The Last Week

We’ve been chipping away at the packing for the last couple weeks and now that we’ve brought all the miscellaneous baby items out from storage in the trailer, Clara is rediscovering her infant past. She loves playing with all her old baby toys.

Here, she’s experimenting with bouncing on her old bouncy in her booster seat.

May 2012 002

She also loves to hang out and have snacks in her old car seat. This is the face I get when I say “kiss your baby for the camera.”

May 2012 004

Finally, today, after a last load of laundry, Clara claimed our poor excuse for a laundry basket and put it to use on the bouncy seat.

May 2012 012

We’ve made it to the park in town just about every day. There’s nothing at the playground Clara doesn’t want to try, including the very dangerous rope climb up the big tube slide. It requires quite a bit of spotting on my or Aaron’s part, but it’s so wonderful to hear her huff, “I’m doing it. I climb! I climb!” On Friday afternoon, Clara found a rambunctious puppy Chihuahua to pet.

May 2012 008

Thanks to Mandy’s amazingness, Aaron and I had a lovely last date before the big separation begins this Wednesday (Almost six weeks apart! Good thing Aaron is a fantastic emailer.)  We went to our favorite restaurant in town—I think it’s probably everyone’s favorite, the St. Elias Brewery.

May 2012 011

To round off the week, Kelsey and Paul has us and the Piehs over for a cookout. The girls played so well together and ate hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner. I’m still trying to figure out how to take pictures of moving objects indoors, but here’s a sweet one of all three girls having fun in Anna’s bed.May 2012 007

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