His and Hers

Although it poured today, we’ve had a series of really beautiful days. We’ve set up the Lowe’s special–the plastic pool perfect for a two-year-old and a two-year-old’s pregnant mother.

Uncle Tim shows Clara how to use the water gun.

We’re working on the tricycle; it’s hard when you’re in the bottom 2oth percentile of two-year-olds in height and weight. Gotta love those Aunt Sam petite genes.

Clara plays an Irish jig for Great Grandpa for a pre-dinner dance.

Clara walked around all day today with her new harmonica. Then, she and Grandpa started working out their first duet.

Meanwhile, Aaron is far from bored without us. He hiked up the infamous Mt. Marathon in Seward with the dogs on Monday.

A small side note here, Aaron just told me that he went to the grocery story and bought the ultimate Bachelor’s grocery list: toilet paper, $.89 V05 shampoo (coconut scented, I’m sure), beer, and BBQ sauce.

To honor the first nice day in Alaska in ten days or so, he took the kayak out for a little trout fishing.

We are both enjoying our time with daily Skype sessions and lots of midday phone calls about job prospects. And, I’m already anticipating Clara’s astounded face when she and Aaron unite after this lengthy separation.

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