Fun in 92 Degrees

We are definitely staying busy and hot. 

Clara went to Florida’s version of Jumpin’ Junction last week. She could get around all by herself. So many milestones. 



Yesterday, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry with Clara’s cousins Joanna and Alex. Not a lot of photo ops there. Today, we went to the park and drank as much water as we could.




Every time Clara hears or sees me taking out the camera, she stops what she’s doing to give me a very loud “cheese” and an equally cheesy grin. 



Off to the beach tomorrow, so more pictures to come. She’s growing up really fast. Today, she said, “Thanks, Mom” when I gave her some water. I can’t for the first “I love you.”


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3 responses to “Fun in 92 Degrees

  1. mpieh

    Oh my, Clara HAS “grown up” a bit just in the last few weeks…I can see it in the photos! It’s amazing how a major change in location/circumstances/experiences can have such a big impact on little, highly-impressionabe people. We miss her…you too. 🙂

  2. I agree!! She looks so much like a little girl in these pics! She also looks very hot. Haha. How are you doing Mamma? We need some belly shots here, please. You’re seriously slacking on those Sherry.

  3. nrmoore

    These pictures are great for keeping me up wiht all the rapid changes with Clara. She looks so grown up with the ponytail!

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