Passing the Time

After last week’s scramble to get everything finished, we’re more or less biding our time and planning various excursions that involve some kind of labor-inducing mild exercise for me.  Today we went to the playground and walked around the ritzy neighborhood down the street to admire their porch furniture. For awhile, I’ve been wary of my baby rhetoric around Clara (she’s now “my little girl” instead of “my baby,” which was a hard one to let go of) so when there’s something I can’t do for or with Clara because of the baby, I say it’s because of the belly. So, when I can’t lug Clara into the grocery store on my right hip, I tell her it’s because my belly is so big. But, when we’re just hanging out and admiring the largesse of my torso area, it’s always, look at how big the baby is. I’m not sure how I’m going to pin a crying infant at 3:30 a.m. on my stomach, but I’m sure there will be a reasonable way to frame that as well.

Yesterday we went to the beach. Clara and Aaron have gone three times this week, and while Clara has not gotten burnt once, she does have Aaron’s enviable olive skin that tans up after day after day in the heat. Before we get to the beach, here’s a few from regular life in the house.

Here’s Clara in her before dinner time ritual that includes swiping a necklace from my mom and sneaking up to Great Grandpa’s lap in part because that’s the only way she’ll get any cranberry juice after breakfast.

July 2012 001

Clara has seen me work at these online courses just a little too often, I’d say. She often positions her research material next to her laptop and focuses on “K is for Kite” with fingers positioned at ASDF and JKL;.

July 2012 005

Yesterday we went to Sand Key Park and I got to see Clara’s transformation for myself. She’s gone from picking every piece of broken shell off her feet to wiggling her bottom in the sand as the waves roll in.

July 2012 009

July 2012 013

July 2012 015

July 2012 012

July 2012 020


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2 responses to “Passing the Time

  1. Love the big belly shot! I looked just like that exactly 7 years ago…Andrew was due on the 17th, but didn’t come until the 26th. Can’t wait to hear the exciting news! 🙂

    Something weird happened this morning. I was at Fred Meyer and needed help in the Home section. The young man who came to assist me reminded me of Aaron…his mannerisms and and voice. Then I caught a glimpse of his nametag…it said “Aaron”. Weird. 🙂

  2. kelseywitte

    Love that last shot! Clara does look like she’s transformed a bit. It’s so funny how similar our lives were for a time, and now how different our days look. Sad in a way, but exciting to see the different paths life can take you on. I can’t wait to hear about this baby either!

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