My Kids

After grading a round of essays and finishing a “literature based unit” for the graduate class, I’m trying to squeeze in a quick blog entry with some pictures to show off the last week in the Lohmeyer household. These are the days when just the sight of my two little ones in a picture can make a girl lactate.

William started lifting his head at about a week old and has pretty much outgrown his newborn clothes. We realized this after dressing him in his old man onesie—an argyle special. He’s showing off his masculine baby chest here and isn’t too happy that we’re getting a good laugh from his weekend attire.


August 2012 002

We had our beloved friend Zack and Laura over for dinner Sunday night and they entertained our children while Aaron and I had some alone time with the after-dinner dishes and dishwasher.

August 2012 004

August 2012 011

Clara is crazy about her little bro. Even when she wants to get on Mom’s lap, she doesn’t yet get mad that they baby is there instead.

August 2012 016

It’s not a very glamorous picture, but it’s not a bad life. Most nights, I get piled on by my kiddies while Aaron plays his guitar.

August 2012 021

This morning I caught Clara sneaking in a handhold with William. He only goes cross-eyed on us when the fan is on:)

August 2012 032

August 2012 033

William is a good sport, too, with Clara’s effusive affection. She would hug that boy all day long if I let her.

August 2012 034

And here’s the man of the month. Already such a handsome little fella . . .

August 2012 035


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4 responses to “My Kids

  1. Aunt Samantha

    William looks so much like Aaron and Clara still looks just like you. I can’t believe how big William is.

  2. Sherry, I love that you changed the name of the blog! Which reminds me…I’ve always wanted to ask you where the idea for that name came from!?

    The kids are so cute. I miss Clara…and wish I could see Will. It’s fun to see you all settled into your home. I’m so glad things fell into place for you guys in Tallahassee. Remember, though, you always have a place to stay when you want to come back for a visit. 🙂

  3. Nancy

    William is going to be as big as Clara in no time! Wow! Clara is obviously enthralled by her little brother. How wonderful! I can’t wait to see you all!

  4. I don’t think many of us could express how happy we are for you. Nonetheless, I am overtly joyful on seeing your life as it is now.

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