In Lieu of the Baby Book Entry

Already, William is all boy. He burps incessantly; I think he likes it. After every five to ten minutes of nursing, I have to give him a good back-patting and he can let out a two to three second extended belch.

At night, he sleeps for a good four or five hours straight from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., but then he’s awake for another two to three hours before dozing off a couple hours before Clara wakes up. During those two hours, he has to have another long gas release party where I’ll push his little legs up toward his chest and he’ll go at it. It’s too much like a game. Legs go up, noise comes out. During those two hours when he’s awake, he’s pretty content to have his diaper changed, lay between Aaron and me, snuggle on my chest, nurse, suck a pacifier, and anything else you can do with a baby nugget.

He’s a strong little guy, too, and I think if I’d plop him on the baby floor mat on his belly more often, he’d be surprisingly close to rolling over. As it is now, he lifts his head really high when he’s on his belly and won’t stay put when laying on a pillow.

Clara still loves “her baby,” but the nursing session before their afternoon nap can be a bit trying. While we’re on the bed nursing, she’ll try to jump on us and occasionally try to push or kick. When I tell her that she needs to go to her room to take a breather and to come out when she’s ready to be kind again, she does so immediately, almost as though she needs her time-out, too.

William is a real baby, after all, and does his fair share of crying. It’s predictable, post-big meal crying, though, and if we pay enough attention to him, he’ll stop after a few minutes.

The greatest source of stress right now is Clara and Dakota’s strained relationship. We probably made the mistake of trying to be strict with Dakota when he would eat Clara’s baby food and growl at her innocent one-year-old antics. Now, that strictness is running around in the form of a two-year-old who seems convinced Dakota is in need of a good taming. And if there was ever a dog who refused to be tamed by a little girl half his size, it would be our grumpy old man dog. He’s getting more snarly by the day, and now with another kid in the mix, it’s harder for me to keep them at their distance.

So that’s the news from Lake Wobegon, as they say. (We heard a great Prairie Home Companion last night from Aaron’s brothers’ alma mater St. Olaf).  Now, for some pictures.

After dinner is prepared, eaten, and washed away, we seem to always make it over to our couches with the camera. Here’s a few more snippets that will look a lot like previous snippets:

August 2012 002

August 2012 007

August 2012 011

Aaron made Clara a tent this morning. She had a great time enjoying her own space and everything was going famously until she tried to climb on top of the tent, too.

August 2012 017

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