Today Aaron told me he’s the happiest he’s been since, oh, fourth grade. I might see his fourth grade and raise him a year except I can’t be too, too happy or else I might stay home with the kids forever and then nobody would ever go to college or retire. This Florida living suits us. Aaron is out banging on some wood to make our first raised garden. On Friday, Clara, William and I had a picnic lunch at the massive Tom Brown Park in town, and yesterday, the four of us went to the beach.

Here’s little William showing off his big self for a short photo shoot at the park.

September 2012 009

September 2012 012

Clara loves “picnic lunch” and after feeding her our normal PB and J + whatever fruit is in the fridge, Aaron thought we should play up the picnic lunch a bit more and bring stuff like chocolate-flavored yogurt, berries, and gourmet snack mix. So, for the beach, we pulled it together but for the park, the normal stash will do.

September 2012 013

He last here a minute or so. Something happens in utero to make my offspring not need sleep. Clara’s about to shed her afternoon nap, I fear, and William isn’t really into the whole napping scene either.  A half hour here and there, but I can’t get that big guy to sleep more than two hours in any given nap slot.

September 2012 025

It will probably be another five years before we get a family shot with everyone looking and smiling at the camera.

September 2012 036

Elaborate sandcastle-building.

September 2012 047

It took a few “eewwwss” but Clara finally braved the tidal pools bordered in seaweed.

September 2012 051

I’ve got to be careful what I post of my hunky husband lest Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch come looking for their next model.

September 2012 066

So much sweetness.

September 2012 071

Me and my sweet girl.

September 2012 074

A freckly, happy mama.

September 2012 075

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  1. nmoore03@hotmail.com

    I’m glad Florida is agreeing with you all. Sure I can’t sell you on Illinois?

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