Wakulla River Queen

Yesterday, Aaron took Clara on her second kayak trip (her first was tucked in my arms as a three-month-old) down the slow and lazy Wakulla River. All last week she was talking excitedly about getting her life jacket for the big trip. Aaron said she sat contentedly for the four-hour paddle as the checked out manatees and cypress trees and an animal that starts with A that we won’t actually say so as not to upset the grandmothers.

Here’s the river starlet now—very serious about her upcoming adventure.

sept 2012 003

sept 2012 002

Aaron said she did a lot of this on the paddle—looking with glee and anticipation over the boat edge at lily pads and turtles.

sept 2012 007

sept 2012 008

Where the river meets the bridge they stopped and had lunch. They also went for a swim in the cold water, which Clara loved. She kept saying “Very cold!” but refusing to get out.

sept 2012 013

Those gray blobs under the water are manatees.

sept 2012 016

As they floated down river, Clara slept in Aaron’s lap.  These are good days.

sept 2012 021

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One response to “Wakulla River Queen

  1. Nancy

    Clara is indeed the River Queen. Are you sure those blobs are manatees and the the A’s that upset grandmothers?

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