Over the weekend, Aaron and I went to what is called First Friday. It’s when all the vegan food distributors and homemade hand soap makers come together to market their wares in Tallahassee’s art district. First Friday happens in Railroad Square, which is appropriately a big square lined with art dealers and vintage clothing shops. There are local bands playing at each of the squares’ vertices. We can walk along and eavesdrop on conversations such as this one:

“Yeah, you have to see his work. It’s VERY original. It’s the most original art I’ve seen since Meg’s work. It’s got a Halloween theme, yeah, but it’s really out there.”

Or, other conversations might be about the black hole or the way one’s heart opens up to receive light from other people when the shoulders are pulled back and the feet are grounded into the earth’s core.

There was also an ongoing Power Point presentation on this post’s title: “Dreality.” Clara was walking around a little too independently so we didn’t get a chance to stay and learn more but it sure sounds nice.

Though I suppose First Friday is a bit too “dreal” for us. All the watercolor exhibits have been replaced with psychic readings and free Mystic yoga, and most people in attendance had this hazy look like there was something funny in their falafel sandwich. Still, Clara was mesmerized by all the music and smells and princess costumes.

October 2012 005

Actually, $5 isn’t a bad deal . . .


October 2012 009

Every time we see a live saxophonist, I always await Aaron’s post-performance thoughts. We don’t know who was playing but Aaron confirmed that the guy really knew how to use his horn.


October 2012 011

Clara and Aaron watch the show.


October 2012 016

With William asleep, I enjoy a youth bluegrass band.


October 2012 017

Clara shows us her moves to some Johnny Cash.

Just for fun . . .

William gets his evening tickle.

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